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This can be the most exciting stage of a business but the most difficult and the hardest to survive. Getting the right advice is critical. Most businesses need funding at some stage, but what type, how much, when, on what terms and how can you secure it? With business growth comes change, structure and process. How your company adapts to these challenges will determine its future success. Looking to expand your business? What are the options, how do you assess them and how can you make it happen to maximise your return? Make your final business transaction your most profitable. Securing the right exit takes careful planning and organisation.
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A finance director (FD) is responsible for overseeing the financial side of a company, organisation or other institution. Whether working as a full time or interim finance director, it is this person who ensures that all finances are kept in good order whilst effectively communicating any issues relating to finances to other members of the organisation.

At My Business FD, we more than realise how essential having well-organised finances is for any business. Whether public or private, small or large; a company's finances are one of the most complex aspects, and as such, require due care and consideration. It is therefore imperative that only an expert, experienced FD is employed at your organisation.

It is for this reason we provide part time finance director services to our clients, as we want to ensure that every company is operating efficiently and is in full control of their finances. We aim to support businesses who perhaps can't afford to employ a full time FD, but do require some sort of part time FD on a short-term basis.

Managing finances is a tricky business and being able to adequately predict and plan future business growth even more so. That is why we are determined to offer small businesses with big ambitions the opportunity to access an interim finance director; an addition to your team that could prove invaluable.

Here at My Business FD we operate as an expansive team of commercial and entrepreneurial finance experts, making us well-placed to offer your organisation part time financial director services that meet your budding company's requirements.

Adding the expertise of a member of our team to your company will help you to improve your financial forecasting capabilities, in conjunction with general cash flow management, business plans and raising finance. A part time finance director will help your company to expand and take away the financial burden you may be facing by trying to keep track of this aspect of your business; giving you more time to focus on other areas.

An interim finance director from My Business FD will operate according to the specific requirements of each client. Our part time financial director services cover a host of different areas, including strategically forecasting business performance and managing loans, bank overdrafts and grants attributed to your company. A My Business FD part time finance director is also able to manage relations between your organisation and third parties, including banks, investors and lawyers, for additional peace of mind.

Our interim finance directors are well aware of how essential financial planning is to any business, which is why all our part time FDs can provide analyses of financial business performance and measure your progress against goals, should this service be required.

The use of technology in your company's current financial processes can also be taken care of by one of our interim finance directors, who will leverage different forms of technology to maximise financial efficiency. Our part time FDs are also able to provide strategy planning and delivery services, in conjunction with taking the necessary steps to ensure your business' future financial stability during challenging trading conditions.

One of our part time FDs can provide you with the high level of financial support you have been searching for. Incorporating our part time financial director services into your organisation can afford you countless benefits; relieving you of any financial stresses you are currently facing. You can sit back and relax in the knowledge that your finances will be under the expert control of one of the most efficient part time FDs available when you choose us.

Every part time finance director in our team has previously held senior and board-level financial positions in businesses of various sizes and in many different sectors, so you are guaranteed access to comprehensive part time financial director services from multi-talented experts when you consider My Business FD.

A part time finance director will not replace the accountant or bookkeeper in your business. Rather, one of our part time FDs will work alongside these integral members of staff to help you overcome any financial difficulties you are facing.

With a view to improving the profitability of your business, you can rest assured that an interim finance director can provide the flexible support you need. Don't hesitate to contact us today to find out how our part time financial director services could drive growth in your organisation.